If you live in Malaysia, you know that higher education is not offered for free. Therefore, the rising cost of education means financial pre-planning is important. As a result, students need to investigate their options for funding advanced education or training. One of the most common, if not most popular ways to finance an education in Malaysia is with a scholarship. That is because you do not have to pay scholarship money back.

Scrutinise Your Choices

Students may also take out a student loan, which they have to repay with interest. However, it is better to focus on obtaining a scholarship if you want to reduce any financial stress. To find out more about financing your education with a scholarship, you need to review the options and the prerequisites. A number of scholarships are offered to students, so you need to carefully scrutinise your choices.


Where Scholarships Can be Obtained

Some scholarship offerings are available through SEGi University, which operates as a private university in Malaysia. The school offers scholarships for foundations to master degree level programmes. Therefore, scholarship funding is important to students who wish to attend school locally.

Scholarships are offered for high achievers as well as for students who excel in sports. For the high achiever’s scholarship, students must be a citizen of Malaysia, have an excellent academic record, and have the recommendation of a headmaster or school principal. Applicants are required to meet, at the minimum, a CGPA of 3.70 each semester, otherwise, their scholarship funds will be discontinued. However, the funding is not one of the scholarships for Malaysian students that covers programmes in the health field.

Scholarship Opportunities

So, if you wish to further your studies in Malaysia, you do not have to worry much because of a lack of funds. Scholarships are available at various institutions – any of which can assist you in fulfilling your educational goals. In fact, each year, Malaysian companies provide over 1.5 million private scholarships to aspiring students. The funding alone totals in excess of RM40 million. Naturally SEGi University is part of this funding effort.

One of the scholarships that is offered to Malaysian athletes is the SEGi sports scholarship. This type of funding support is offered to state or national athletes whose performance and standing can be verified by a recognised sporting association.

Athletic Scholarship Incentives

State athletes receive a 25% rebate whilst national athletes enjoy a 50% rebate on their tuition costs. The applicants for the scholarship must represent SEGi University in MAPCU tournaments and games per the direction of the educational institution. Each applicant must meet the CGPA minimum prerequisite of 2.50 each semester whilst they are attending school.

To increase your scholarship opportunities in Malaysia, you need to make sure you match the requirements of the scholarship sponsor. To learn more about the sponsor, review the sponsor company’s mission statement online. This information can usually be found in the “About” section of the firm’s website.

You also can improve your chances for receiving a scholarship by volunteering in your community. Sponsors tend to like students who actively volunteer as many of the donors are dedicated to helping people and therefore operate as nonprofits.