Dubai was placed in the map after several years of painstakingly building and rebuilding its economy. After this UAE emirate was able to amaze foreign investors with its incredible skyscrapers like Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, Dubai has officially become a force to reckon with in the Middle East.

Decades ago, almost nobody from the west is aware of how majestic and wonderful Dubai is. However, after years of development, this emirate has become one of the most popular business and tourist destinations in UAE, attracting foreign investors and business moguls as well as tourists from different parts of the globe.


The master plan for Dubai has been pretty solid ever since its inception. This is evident with the current economic state of the emirate. In addition to this, job opportunities are fairly high in throughout UAE, making it a hot spot for different types of work, from construction jobs to professional jobs.

If you got an offer to work in Dubai, you may want to consider giving it a go since the emirate continues to improve and rise. Before contacting professionals who will assist you in your move, read first some tidbits of information about Dubai that you may find unique and interesting below.

There many expatriates in Dubai – If you are from the UK, finding Brits in the emirate will be no hassle. There is a big community of expats in Dubai, which can make you feel at home. You will not also have a hard time adjusting with the country’s customs, traditions, and culture because you will always find other expats that are willing to help you adjust. It is not also hard to find a good Dubai school for your children as there are several British schools in the emirate.

The weather is warm – Since Dubai is in the Middle East, expect sunny and warm climate. If you are sick and tired of cold climate, then Dubai can be a sweet spot. Because of the emirate’s climate, it is very common for people to socialize al fresco style. You don’t have to worry about the humid climate by the way because establishments and apartments in Dubai are equipped with quality air conditioning systems.

There is no income tax – One of the main attractions in Dubai is that the government does not require employees to pay for income tax. This means you get take home more money from your salary. This is quite reasonable because the cost of living in Dubai can be quite expensive.

Education is topnotch – If you are thinking about moving with your family, you could worry less about the education of your children. Dubai is home to some of the most sought-after international schools so you can be assured that your kids will receive nothing but the best quality of education. A Dubai school will help your children reach their best potentials.

Employment rate is good – There are many career and job opportunities in Dubai. In fact, the emirate has become a magnet for workers from different countries. The wage in the emirate is very competitive as it is higher than the offer of companies from different countries. Also, major multinational companies are starting to establish their businesses in UAE, giving more opportunities to job-seekers.

Moving to Dubai can be an exciting and fulfilling affair, much more if you are one-hundred percent sure that you want to live there. If you have decided to relocate in UAE, you must first prepare several things beforehand. First, you need to get all necessary documents for your trip like passport, visa, and other related paperwork. Second, you need to find a job opening before traveling to Dubai to save time in finding for job opportunities.