Central Park is located in Navi Mumbai. It is one of the bigger parks in the region with ample amount of parking space, so one can take note of the fact that parking rarely happens to be the problem here. But the saddest aspect is that the park is not all that well maintained, especially the lights which are not functional most of the times. In Central Park, Kharghar, there is a separate play area for the kids as they can enjoy multiple games along with rides here. You can get a mountain view of the park and just opposite of it is the Kharghar golf course. In a way, it is an overall nice place for morning along with an evening walk for the residents of this region. You are bound to fall in love with this place because of the green vegetation. Roadside food is available at the entrance and the major drawback is that there is no form of public transport and you need to check your own transport source.


One thing which stands out is that the park is pretty spacious and one of the great places to have fresh air in the hustle along with bustle of the busy city life. This park is not being maintained by the officials in a proper manner and there is massive scope of development. This is one of the reasons that the park has not been able to function in a full capacity as well. It is conferred with the tag of being the largest park in Asia and still according to the view point of some experts it is well maintained and clean.

It is located near ISKON along with the Golf course near Kharghar. The park has a garden where you can have a great time with fountains installed all over the place. Cycling tracks are there with security operational all the time. In this park, sometimes rock concerts and various programs are also conducted. There is a bus stop outside the park and if someone wants to arrive at the park they can do so at the earliest. The presence of hawkers along with vendors all over the place, calls for indeed a good experience of sorts. There is a long circular walk provision, track for the runners, with the presence of gardens in the middle. The garden is not maintained in a proper manner but you can still go on to visit this place for fresh air in the presence of tender green grasses. For all the exercise buffs, this is the place to be and you can go on to idle yourself on a warm Sunday afternoon. If you are keen to spend your evenings here then carry a mosquito repellent with enough games at your disposal.

According to the point of view of some experts, a visit to this park is a must, but it is better suggested that you avoid the place in the weekends. The reason for it is that parking and getting inside the park happens to be a major problem as the crowd is immense. Once again, the authorities need to take care of the park in a better way and the pond needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis. The park also needs to be extended a bit further.