A dissertation is required to acquire your doctorate in your field of study. The dissertation proposal is only a very small portion of the dissertation but it is still a very important part of your research work. A dissertation proposal is presented to your advisor for acceptance and if he/she denies then you have to rework on it. So it is very important to write the dissertation proposal in the right way so that it gets accepted nicely. Are you not sure about writing your dissertation proposal? Then these simple tips on write a dissertation proposal from dissertationroom.co.uk will help you frame the right dissertation proposal.


Concentrate on One Topic

Your field might be very diverse but you should choose a very narrow/precise topic for your dissertation proposal. Be very precise focusing on a sub topic first rather than the main thesis topic. This way the advisor will come to know that you are interested in the topic.

Meet your supervisor and define your research objectives

Before writing your dissertation proposal, speak to your supervisor or advisor first. You should discuss the topic and the overall research methodology with your advisor. This discussion would give you an enough understanding of your research objectives, which will help you frame your proposal and dissertation the right way.

Check out the Dissertation Proposal Guidelines

Get to know the dissertation proposal guidelines of your university and ensure to stick to them. You can also search the internet for help in locating the guidelines.

Begin the Writing with a Bang

Once you have discovered the topic, sub topic and research objectives, it is time to start writing your dissertation proposal. Let your creative juices flow in and start writing. You can also look up to your advisor for suggestions from time to time so as to check that you are on the right track. It is a good idea to devote a fixed amount of time everyday on writing your dissertation proposal.

Focus on the topic and be crystal clear about what you write

While writing your dissertation proposal, be crystal clear about the topic you have chosen. Have a clear understanding of it and be to the point while penning it down. Remember you should write in a way as if you were explaining the topic to your friends from fields other than you. Hope this helps you perfectly.